Amazing Vector Portrait of Xyaa (Shagufta Iqbal)

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This vector portrait is for Shagufta Iqbal(xyaa). she is a girl gamer from India and she has been playing games since childhood.

She started her YouTube in 2012 also played competitive CS: GO under TSM Entity an Indian e-sports company.

She liked to play most Fps games such as PUBG, Apex Legends, and COD: Warzone and also some storyline games on her new PS5.

Xyaa has a great personality and sponsor by big tech companies such as Intel and Logitech.

YouTube: Xyaa Instagram: Xyaalive

CGstore wants to give her a gift xyaa a vector portrait and color combination of portrait based on her setup stunning setup.

How I make vector portrait of Xyaa?

Software: Adobe Illustrator CC 2020

Reference: Reference is important for making such portraits but people sometimes criticize you for using reference as it’s cheating but money great artists of this age like Dave Graco, Jazza, sam does art and many more.

Sketch: First of all we lye down basic sketch of character it will help you in case of some changes. but most of time in vector portraits we skip sketching.

Line Work: For line work of Tokyo, we XP-PEN graphic tablet which gives more flexibility for making such detailed portraits. Pressure sensitivity makes your line work clean and natural.

Coloring: After line work, the next step is coloring, and the most important is to select a base color for skin as we know the in the world there are different types of skin colors like black, tan, white, and many more.