Perfect Vector Portrait of Hot Barkha Singh

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Barkha Singh is an Indian actress who started her career when she was 10 years old. Other than being an actress, she is also a model, a host, and an animal activist. She worked in many national and international commercials as well.

So,  CGstore decided to make a beautiful Portrait of her. Here, we will tell you how to make such intricate illustrations of the actress in detail, starting from the software that we used for this portrait which is Adobe Illustrator. Below are the software details.

Barkha Instagram: @bakhasingh0308 Barkha YouTube: Barkha videos

How I make vector Portrait of Barkha Singh:

1: Adobe Photoshop CC 2021

2: Adobe illustrator CC 2020

Adobe Illustrator is used to making a fancy and attractive logo, however, Adobe Photoshop is used to enhance the background presentation. Adobe Illustrator is also effective in art such as developing logos, flat illustrations.

The first thing to consider while starting is doing the outline of the picture that you choose to develop which is also called line work. So, line work was the very first step in order, to begin with, the portrait. I chose the picture that I had to work on and started the linework quite carefully.

For the line work I used my XP pen graphic tablet. XP pen graphic tablet makes the line work rather easier and refine the graphics. However, for this purpose mouse is also a good option to go with.

After the linework, I prefer to deal with the colors and shading of the portrait. So, by using the isolated group method, I added relative colors to elevate the beauty of the portrait. Next, I did shading varying from the lighter shades to the darker shades which helped to refine the portrait by giving a very expressive view to the eye. Then, I did the background by using the tools and techniques of adobe photoshop software.

In the entire process, every step is uniquely interesting and challenging which makes the work more desirable and better.

This is how we made this beautiful and eye-catching vector portrait of her using different software which is easy to access and utilize. If you want us to make your portrait, you can order us on Fiverr