Best Vector Portrait of a girl with Adobe illustrator

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This is a complete instructions by CGstore how to make vector portrait of girl and we guide you step by step:

How I make this vector portrait

Software: Adobe illustrator

Tools you need: XP Pen Deco pro graphic tablet if you starting you can also use a simple mouse.

Display: For making a great vector portrait display is the most important thing for making art if your display is not color correct the your art will not look good at all. if you cannot see the correct color then at the end your art looks totally different on a different display.

So, if you can afford an adobe sRGB display, great otherwise you can use mobile and open up basic three colors red, blue, and green and just play with brightness, contrast, and try to match the color as much possible as you can. This is not the best solution but I use it when I have a cheap display for my work.

Reference is important for making such portraits but people sometimes criticize you for using reference as it’s cheating but money great artists of this age like Dave Graco, Jazza, sam does art, and many more.

For the linework of Tokyo, we XP-PEN graphic tablet which gives more flexibility for making such detailed portraits. Pressure sensitivity makes your linework clean and natural.

After line work, the next step is coloring, and the most important is to select a base color for skin as we know the in the world there are different types of skin colors like black, tan, white, and many more.

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