Best Vector art portrait of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Vector art portrait for one of the great activist in America. Martin Luther King junior was a African American man dreamed of United States free of racism and equal rights. His main work was his speak in 1963 and he was assassinated in 1968.

Process of making vector art portrait of King:

Requirements: The things I need from the client for vector art portrait are the image that looks professional, the podcaster’s name, and the color scheme.

References: we get the old references form client, after getting the reference, we get the idea start working on it.

Linework: The we start the work from the linework in adobe illustrator, then check to the client. wow! get approval from the client then begin the next step.

coloring; line work completed for podcast cover then starting the coloring, which is most interesting part in all the process.

Shading: after getting the flats in coloring now start the shading on the character after the character ready on the podcast cover. Now it is to make a podcast mockup in photoshop.

Here are some examples of podcast cover.

this is the example of illustrative podcast cover art design. This cover is totally design in adobe illustrator.

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