Luxury Podcast – Mastermind

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The podcast cover for a “Mastermind” in this podcast the host helps people to master their life. The host hires us to create this podcast cover. So, he wants himself as the main character of the cover.

How we create “Mastermind” podcast cover:

Color Scheme: Black and Yellow

Idea: He wants full body portrait and with simple background and he also wants us to include his logo as well.

Software: Adobe illustrator CC 2021

Step 1: Line work is first step in making of vector portraits. Mouse and graphic tablets are used for this purpose. If you are beginner I suggest you to use mouse for linework.

Step 2: After line-work next step is base colours and skin colours. For skin base colour you use eyedropper tool and then modify it to according to your style. Similarly, with lips and clothes.

Step 3: Shading is the most important which determine either your its a flat simple portrait or detailed one. For blending colours you should use an additional layer and drop its opacity to 50% percent.

Shading is divided in 2 which are dark areas and light areas of skin. Dark areas is further divided into smooth and harsh shadow and you should use light and dark shades of same colour.

I incorporate his logo in background and blur it little bit so it gives a feel of depth and looks good.

This is it you can create one by yourself if you want us to draw your portrait then you can reserve and order us on