Beautiful Mystic Musing Mermaid Podcast Cover Art

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Mystic musing mermaid (podcast cover art) is for relaxation of mind so it ultimately helps to fight with problems in life. Medicine also says that a relaxed mind can do more and quality work than a stressed one.

For this purpose, our client asks us to make a cover and make it an underwater scene that contains tail and the rest was our problem to make it a beautiful podcast cover.

Process of making Mermaid Podcast cover art:

Software: Adobe Photoshop CC 2021.

Color Scheme: As the purpose of a podcast is to relax the mind and cover must give a relaxing mind too. What more relaxing the greenish-blue color of the water.

Background: Background I put some small fishes and a small broken ships to give the feel of depth in cover. We also add some corals to show the bottom of shore.

Mermaid: In the cover so definitely mermaid should be the main component of the cover. So we took image some images from the internet and start playing.

How We made: So we think to use mermaid tail only as the face of girl maybe copyright or licensed and its best we show the tail and it make sense with idea of relaxation.

Here are the source image for this podcast cover art. If you want such cover click on “order us now” button below or you can order us on fiverr.