Amazing Vector portrait of GanjiSwag – Junaid Akram

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GanjiSwag is a famous youtuber in Pakistan. He try to help his audience by speaking on major issues of our society such as marital, educational.

I am also a fan of his work so CGSTORE decides to make a portrait for him. So, here I’ll tell you guys how I make this headshot in adobe illustrator.

How I make vector portrait of GanjiSwag:

The version of the software I used is Adobe illustrator 2020 CC. First of all, I choose a picture and download it and as the picture then start line work.

I use XP pen graphic tablet for line work. Graphic tablets make this work much easier and refine although you can use mouse as well.

After line work I add base colours using isolated group method and start shading with light to dark skin shades and ultimately shadows. And the highlights which make art more beautiful.

Similarly, with the collar, I did the same process of shading. Then I opened the Adobe photoshop CC 2021 and import png file I exported from illustrator. Add rectangularly and apply color gradient and use “BigNoodleTitling” font for text on a gradient.

Text layer then converts to shape and layer mode to soft light which gives texture. If you guys want your portrait then click on the ORDER US NOW button below. You can order us on Fiverr