Best Frankness Podcast Cover art

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Frankness means being blunt in your opinion, an extraordinary trait of outspokenness, openness, candour, and truthfulness in occasionally brutal way. Mostly people don’t tolerate frankness that much because it is sometimes considered as an act of misbehaviour.

But, if we look at it clearly, it is basically a different form of honesty or more expressive in feelings and opinions to certain people. Moreover, it is a trait that exist between people who are open for opinions no matter how harsh they are, and people who are trust worthy and open-minded.

Tolerating frankness is not everyone’s virtue. This podcast is about the expression of such open and blunt opinions and concerns the open-minded people.

Here, CGstore has made this Frankness podcast cover art which is for relaxation of mind so it ultimately helps to fight with problems in life. Medicine also says that a relaxed mind can do the ultimate quality work than the one which is stressed. Come! let us take you through the step-by-step process of how we made this beautiful podcast cover art using cool techniques, outshining creativity, and extremely convincing ideas.

The entire process is fully enjoyable to accomplish and particularly delicate to understand. Below is a brief description of the software that we used in making this Podcast cover art.

Software used in making this Best Frankness Podcast Cover Art:

1: Adobe Photoshop CC 2021

2: Adobe illustrator CC 2020

Go About: It all began with a very strong idea. We started by making a plan about what we want the portrait to look like. The main idea was to give it a more natural look with minimum effort and give the main character its vicious look so that the vector portrait looks more catchy and less messy at the same time. We have put our best effort to meet the standard of the portrait.

Color and Theme: The color scheme is kept simple to avoid fakeness and a messy look. Other than the main color of the cover, lighter colors are used to manage the shades of the character. White color is used for the title since white brightens up on black.

Background: The backdrop is kept monochromatic by using black color on which a the title of the podcast is written in white. After setting the background, very intricate linework is done. While doing the linework, keeping the margins clean is a very important thing. And it is well seen in this vector portrait.

Main Idea: The main idea was given by the client. After knowing the requirement of the client, the idea of how the cover should like was conceived. The client’s demand was to give the podcast cover a edgy bold look with the mentioning of words open, honest and unfiltered, which say enough about the podcast.

If you want us to make such vector illustration, vector portrait or a podcast cover for you, you can order us on Fiverr.