Amazing Podcast Cover – Don’t Piss me off

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The main idea of the podcast In our daily full of hustle lives, we the humans want to be successful, modern, and want to excel in every field of life. But in all this hustle, people forget to think about a vital part of life which is mental health. Apart from mental health, there are many other matters that are left unspoken.

The Don’t Piss Me Off Podcast originating from United Kingdom is virtual platform where the podcast host Alize Levy discusses the beautiful truth of all things ugly, uncomfortable and human! From Sex, Mental Health to Celebrity Gossip. This platform is for open minded and fearless viewers where a healthy talk about the various mental health issues and their healthy solutions, are being made.

Apart from a meaningful talk, there is a lot of stuff that is presented under the banner of don’t piss me off podcast. There are many other topics that are rather enjoyable and give you fresh content to stay paced up.

So, CGstore has made a very charming podcast cover for The Don’t Piss Me Off. Here, we will disclose some of the techniques that we used to develop this charismatic podcast cover.

The entire process is fully exciting to understand and discretely challenging to accomplish. Below is a brief description of the software that we used in making this podcast cover.

Software used in making Don’t Piss Me Off Podcast Cover :

1: Adobe Photoshop CC 2021

2: Adobe illustrator CC 2020

Go About: The podcast started with the a central idea of how things are supposed to be done. The idea was to give a strong and sturdy look in the podcast art. The line work is done very carefully. The little details are maintained in a very artistic way. The addition of flowers is made symbolic for a grooming personality.

In white flowers, detailed line work is done with different shade to highlight the details of roses. A confident yet optimistic facial expressions are shown.

Backdrop: The backdrop of the portrait is kept neutral with monochromatic touch. The background is kept black. However, if you notice precisely the shadow of the main character is maintained in the background in a very conspiring way.

Distinction: In this podcast, there is not any major distinction expressed. This artwork is fully inspired by a delicately simple touch of creativity. The focal idea is to demonstrate the original concept of showing a free environment to talk what you have in your mind, the things that you are insecure to tell anyone.

A person always needs a medium to open up or anyone suffering from same thoughts and feelings. People having same issues to handle are the best allies to fight against these issues and survive.

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