Buxom Beauty – Podcast Cover Art

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Buxom Beauty, writer and self-acceptance advocate who promotes and instills self-love by encouraging the importance of embracing and accepting self. Lover of clothes that allow her to flaunt her curves in style. Believer in sharing life’s lessons to strengthen whoever she encounters. Towanda hopes you find strength, encouragement, enlightenment, and love in the words she writes, and inspiration to see you can make it while being stylish in the process.

In this world that we inhabit in, we see people of different types and genres. They are tall, short, skinny, over weight, light complexioned, dark complexioned and they vary in features according to geography. Despite of all these differences, we preach No Discrimination, No Judgements and No Biasness.

But every thing that we preach is not followed as it is. While following values we sometimes make others insecure of some certain physical things one of which is plus size and being over weight. Insecurity of appearance makes you lose confidence, self love, self care and admiration. In all this, instead of learning from life and living every moment of it, we start hiding and over thinking which costs us precious time.

Buxom Beauty blogs about how to accept yourself no matter how curvy you are and live and enjoy your curves and feel beautiful being fashionable while living life to its full and learn important lessons.

In this podcast, CGstore has made a stunning an colorful podcast cover art for Buxom Beauty. Come! let us show you how we did this.

The entire process is fully enjoyable to accomplish and particularly delicate to understand. Below is a brief description of the software that we used in making this Buxom Beauty- Podcast Cover Art.

Software used in making Buxom Beauty- Podcast Cover Art :

1: Adobe Photoshop CC 2021

2: Adobe illustrator CC 2020

Go About: We started by making the plan about what we want the podcast to look like. The main idea was to give it a more natural look with minimum effort and characters so that the podcast looks more catchy and less messy at the same time.

Color and Theme: In first go, we decided to give the podcast cover a purplish and pinkish shade which gives out the vibes of strength and self-acceptance. The theme that we decided was to give natural touch as much as possible.

Backdrop: The backdrop is kept appealingly simple with no extra material. It is given a changing shade of purple. This changing shade makes it more intriguing in look.

Main idea: Accompanied with the line work, we have given a corner place to the main character in a peeking way. Since that main character has curly and puffy hair, so we have placed various objects on the hair to give it a rather liberating look. The objects include flowers which are basically roses, butterflies which are of different colors, and different types of birds including parrots of beautiful colors.

It is our desire to encourage women to love and appreciate themselves as they are. We want to show women that they can sexy and beautiful at any size. we have encountered women who don’t know that there are fashionable and affordable clothing available for plus size women, so we want to inform them that they exist. We also want women and girls to know the importance of self-love and a healthy level of self-esteem. It is the foundation of a well balanced person. And we can’t truly love what we see on the outside until we are happy with ourselves on the inside.

If you want us to make your vector portrait or a podcast cover for you, you can order us on Fiverr.