Powerful Black Lives Matter illustration vector illustration

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Black is not just a simple word. It is an entity of human beings who are exactly like us. They eat, breath, sleep and do every chore like us. They have souls, feelings, desires, compassion, talent and strength just like every other human being that exist on this planet. The only exception is their darker complexion, on the base of which they are being discriminated, rationalized, looked down upon and considered less of human beings.

Infact, thinking all this negative and being judgmental on this trivial base of darker complexion itself is less of being human. Every now and then they are mocked, ridiculed and looked down upon. They are deprived of getting equal opportunities to exclaim their talent and strength.

In this portrait, CGstore  has made an artistic illustration of such discrimination where the life of a simple human being is not safe and his character is questioned just because of his darker skin color. Come! let us take you through the step by step process of how we made this artistic black lives matter vector art using cool techniques, outshining creativity and extremely convincing ideas.

The entire process is fully enjoyable to accomplish and particularly delicate to understand. Below is a brief description of the software that we used in making this vector art.

Software used in making Black Lives Matter vector illustration :

1: Adobe Photoshop CC 2021

2: Adobe illustrator CC 2020

Go About: I started with making the plan about how I wanted to proceed. The main idea I developed is two people in vulnerable scene in which one is the victim and other one is the racist character who either practices discrimination or have biased opinion about discrimination. On the sides, there are two trees with falling leaves which is a symbolification of a doomed situation giving a darker, unfortunate, and cursed touch.

Background: In this art, the color and theme of the background is kept thoughtful giving it dark red color which is the emblem of blood shed under the discrimination. The two characters are given black shades to show anonymity and lighter hues of the clouds and the sun basically on which the dark characters give a clear and refined image.

The trees are also kept black to give a rather intense touch of overwhelmed situation. The entire idea is to highlight the theme as much as possible with every element that this portrait contains.

This vector art is inspired by the cause of standing against racialism and biasness. It signifies that art is the best way of portraying and preaching cause when you know your voice will be lost in the hue and cry of different biased opinions.

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